Whats Coming Next

Find Workers

We want communities, planners, economic development agencies and similar groups to use this tool to help find workers and build better labor labors forces. Communities can market themselves though the site and identify strengths and gaps using TeleCommunity data. To do this, we can work with agencies to add local data such as local amenities, recreation, cultural features, or local broadband surveys. We can also develop custom versions of this site and integrate our data into other projects and applications.

Compare Communities

We also look forward to creating a community comparison tool; a way for workers to compare telecommuter readiness factors between where a worker is now versus other locations. This will help better inform workers as they decide if and where they might relocate.

More Data

Additional datasets will be added to measure other factors such as schools, health care access, childcare access, recreation and cultural amenities, and environmental indicators. The EPA has a trove of livability indicator data and we are coordinating with them on integrating some of that into this site.